Corporate restructuring

Activities related to expansion of a firm’s operations or changes in its assets or financial or ownership structure are referred to as corporate restructuring. The most common forms of corporate restructuring are mergers/amalgamation and acquisitions. Conceptual framework Profitable growth constitutes one of the prime objective of most of the business firms. It can be achieved… Continue reading Corporate restructuring

Brokerage business

In under to transact business in the securities market, an investor has to route her order is through a brokerage firms as only member broker are allocated to enter the trading floor trading among the member of a recognized¬† stock exchange is carried on within¬† the framework of rules, bye laws and regulation of the… Continue reading Brokerage business

Non-banking financial company

Finance may be defined as the art and service of managing money. The two major areas of finance are. 1) Financial management managerial finance corporate finance. II) Finance services. Financial management is concerned with duties of the financial manager in the business firm who perform such varied tasks as budgeting financial forecasting,cash management credit administration… Continue reading Non-banking financial company

USA bank risk and return

The ability of commercial bank in the united states to engage in securities activities. It either directly or indirectly through affiliates of parent holding companies. It has been restricted through much of U.S. history but the boundaries of the restrictions have varied both through time and according to regulatory jurisdiction. Restriction were imposed by some… Continue reading USA bank risk and return

Banker to an issue

The bankers to an issue engaged in activities such as acceptance of applications along with application money from the investor. In respect of an issue of capital and refund of application money. The term issue means an offer of sales purchase of a security by and body corporate person/group of persons on his/its/their behalf to… Continue reading Banker to an issue

Bill Discounting

Bill Discounting, as a fund based activity. According to Indian negotiable act 1881, “The bill of exchange is an instrument in writing containing an unconditional order, signed by the maker Directing a certain person to pay a certain sum of money only to, or to the order of the certain person, or to the bearer… Continue reading Bill Discounting

Hire purchase

In hire purchase, the goods are let on hire. The purchase price to pay in installment. A hire purchase agreement is defined as a particular kind of transaction in which the goods are let on hire with an option to the hirer to purchase them. Following stipulation in hire purchase system. 1)In a specific time… Continue reading Hire purchase

Financial services

Financial services is an intermediary activity involved in security the saving of the public fund and facilitating them to be available to the needy for investment.The presence of well organized financial system is highly imperative for the development of any country.Financial system is the nerve point which are accelerate the economic growth. Role of financial… Continue reading Financial services