About me

Dear Readers,

Sumanthfinance is a financial education blog that is starting to educate students who are pursuing their finance education in management like MBA, BBA, PGDM. It consists of finance management courses like corporate finance, financial derivative, financial services, investment management, etc.
Sumanthfinance’s goal  simplify the crucial topic. Most of the students facing the problem to understand the topic when they are studying in finance management courses. They depend on the teachers. They read lots of books but some times difficulties not solved.
When I was pursuing MBA at that time I completely dependent on books but my problem still remained. Things not changed because I was not finding topic in an easy manner that’s why I felt should write something in an easy way.
By profession, I am a derivative & technical analyst. I spent 5 years in the Indian stock market. But after marriage, I left the job and start blogging to fulfill my passion of writing.

Saroj chugh